Diploma in Education and Training

Course Fee
6 – 12 months Days
Distance Learning

Assignment and Teaching Practice

Result & Certificate
14 – 20 days
minimum age


SIA Licence fee
Additional charges

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Diploma in Education (DET) is one of the best courses for you if you want to take up teaching as a permanent profession. The course and the subsequent diploma are recognized by the Society for education and training. Once you finish the course you will be able to get the qualified teacher learning and skills (QLTS) status. Once you have the status, you can go on to work as a teacher in the schools, colleges and, other institutions.x

Eligibility requirements: x

To take the DET course, the candidates must fulfill the following requirements,

·                            ·         DET applicants should be qualified in the subject which they intend to teach.

·         Teacher should complete a level 2 qualification in English and mathematics

·         The  candidates need a minimum of 100 hours teaching experience to take the DET course

·         Good IT skills, i.e. you must be accustomed with using major office tools.

The advantages of the DET course:

The DET course comes with several advantages for the aspiring teachers.

·         The course will develop your teaching, learning and assessment skills

·         You will get to understand the principles, models and theories in education and training.

·         The course will help you to develop professionalism in education and training.

The DET course has a good job opportunity. Once you finish the course and achieve the QLTS status you will get employed by schools, colleges or training institutions as a teacher and trainer.

Our course is given in distance learning mode with online virtual classroom facility. That means you can complete your course now from the comfort of your home.

So, don’t be late. Join the DET course now to have a prosperous career as a teacher.