About Us

We are the industry leaders and trendsetters when it comes to providing high quality teacher training and assistance. Our Teacher training courses comply with all the regulations and guidelines set by the governing bodies. Our comprehensive teacher training curriculum encompasses all aspects and covers all nuances of training how to teach and convey knowledge through effective communication. Our teacher training program includes:
• Level-3 Teaching Assistant course
• Level-3 Award in Education and Training
• Level-4 Certificate in Education and Training
• Level-5 Diploma in Education and Training
• Level-7 Postgraduate Certificate in Education
For the last two years we have worked closely with ex-industry professionals and instructors with tons of experience and exemplary service record. Our instructors enrich and impart the aspirants with the know-how and technicalities of this noble profession. Be it DET Course or the AET Course, we offer you, the learner, a chance to be the teacher and inspire lives.